Making History Engaging and Relevant

Combined Forces is a collaborative of leading professionals with a mission to bring our history to life in an engaging way.
We are driven by the idea of inspiring a broad audience to enjoy learning through experiences and encounters.

Extensive experience in all phases of production and facility design

With decades of groundbreaking work to their credit Combined Forces has the creative spark and expertise to handle any exhibit project.

Award winning imagery

The Combined Forces team have decades of experience in building memorable brand and campaign imagery. From photography to design, we create inspiring images.

Award winning film and video production

Be it documentary, trailer, vignette or feature film, Combined Forces has the production expertise to deliver true production value to the small screen or large screen.

Leading specialists in the major diciplines

From concept to language and dialogue, structural design, fabrication and electronics, Combined Forces have the leading experts with extensive international experience.

The language and tools of today

We make exhibits come alive by harnessing the power of the latest technology and media trends, infusing them with innovative creative concepts to engage and entertain the visitor.


Museums and Art Gallery Attendance in Canada

A recent survey indicates 94% of Canadians attend Museums and Galleries annually. Individuals who made multiple visits to museums or galleries are included only once.

Canadian Museums of any type
Canadian Public Art Gallery
Science / Technolgy Museum
General Human History Museum
Commercial Art Gallery

Experience the Drama

We take the visitor to a new level of museum experience

We bring our audience into a new era of interactive and environmental exhibits that educate, inform and stimulate the imagination.

news & events

Barracks to Banks

Canadian Silk Screens for War and Peace at the Military Muesums, Calgary


The Cold War Exhibit

Grand opening of the Cold War Exhibit at the Military Museums, Calgary.


Oral History

A Century of Canadian Miliitary Dentistry, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa


Memorial Wall

10th Anniversary of Memorial Wall, Bomber Command Museum of Canada, Nanton.

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